Breaking New Ground

We had a group photo taken with a female dump truck driver!

Written by Kelly Isles, Tipping Point Media Women Build Team

The 2012 Women Build groundbreaking was a success! On the cold, dreary morning of April 11, teams gathered for the official start of construction on 158 Campbell Street. Team members from Mary Kay Pink Worker Bees, Build Pink for CNB, Women with KNC, Insero’s Habitat Homemakers, On Kall Women for Habitat and Tipping Point Media all braved the wet weather to celebrate the groundbreaking and receive an achievement badge for attending. We wore our hard hats and had the opportunity to have photos taken in the bulldozer and with golden shovels! (Check out FCHH’s Facebook for more pictures!)

We are well on our way to reaching our fundraising goal. As of April 13, we are just shy of $20,000 raised! Great job everyone! Keep it up!

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