User Policy

Flower City Habitat Online and Social Media Policy for Users
At Flower City Habitat for Humanity (FCHH), we encourage dialogue through our online/social media channels and welcome the chance to interact with our donors, volunteers, homeowners, and the community. Because of this, posts and comments made by those other than FCHH do not necessarily reflect the official positions of Flower City Habitat for Humanity or Habitat for Humanity International.
We do, however, remove posts that contain the following:
  • Are advertisements or spam
  • Contain nudity, link to sexual content, or contain sexual innuendos
  • Contain curse or swear words – including those that are creatively spelled
  • Promote discrimination based on:
    • Race
    • Age
    • Religion
    • Gender
    • Marital status
    • Sexual Orientation
    • National origin
    • Physical or mental disabilities
  • Are personal attacks, threats or harassment
  • Are of the same content, posted multiple times
  • Disclose information about FCHH and employees that is deemed confidential by FCHH bylaws or governmental law.
We also reserve the right to delete, block, and report any posts considered spam or advertising for business or politics. This includes posts that promote persons or businesses that are suspicious in nature.
This policy applies to all online two-way communications including but not limited to: FCHH blogs, FCHH Facebook, FCHH Twitter, FCHH LinkedIn, FCHH g+, and FCHH Websites.

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