Calling All Volunteers!

Flower City Habitat for Humanity Women Build is seeking new volunteers to learn new skills, build houses, and change lives for mothers and children here in Rochester.

New to Women Build? Attend one of our upcoming information sessions listed below and meet some of our builders!

Already a volunteer? Share this post and the flyer below with your friends and family and stay tuned for more information about our Kick-Off Meetings in April 2015!

Want to get more involved? We have openings on several of our sub-committees.
Check out the job descriptions below and let us know if you’re interested – we’d love to have you!

New Volunteers:

WB2015RecruitmentInfoSessionFlyerFINALLearn how to start or join a team at one of the following info sessions:

Henrietta Public Library
455 Calkins Road
Rochester, NY 14623
March 10th at 6pm

Pittsford Community Library
24 State Street
Pittsford, NY 14534
March 18th at 6pm

Flower City Habitat
755 Culver Road
Rochester, NY 14609
March 19th at 6pm

Gates Public Library
902 Elmgrove Road
Rochester, NY 14624
March 24th at 6pm

Help Wanted!

The Flower City Habitat Women Build program is run primarily by volunteers. We’re taking on more of the program operation this year and as such are looking for more volunteers to join our sub-committees:

MARKETING SUB-COMMITTEE – Seeking 2-3 volunteers who wish to utilize their marketing skills to increase awareness of Flower City Habitat Women Build initiative, attract more volunteers, and support fundraising efforts.

Preferred Skills: Marketing strategy, copywriting, design, PR, social media. Experience with Flower City Habitat Women Build and/or affiliation with local media organizations a bonus.

VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE SUB-COMMITTEE – Seeking 1-2 volunteers to become members of the Volunteer Experience Sub-Committee. Provide back-up to the committee leader to assist in resolving questions/issues on the Donor Pages or Volunteer Up systems. Answer emails, check for system resolution with a quick turnaround to avoid scheduling delays. Time commitment during May-August approximately 1-2 hours per week.

Preferred Skills: Organization, strong communication, ability to manage spreadsheets. IT skills a bonus.

ASSISTANT TO THE SECRETARY – Seeking a volunteer to work with the Flower City Habitat Women Build Secretary, who is in charge of donor Thank You correspondence and takes notes at monthly steering committee meetings. Thank you letter generation is a semi-automated process and all materials are provided. Time commitment: 2-3 hours a week to help generate letters and mail them (April through November); 2 hours once a month when the current secretary is unable to attend a steering committee meeting.

Preferred Skills: Note taking, typing meeting minutes in Word and posting to Dropbox, using the mail merge feature in Word to create thank-you letters for donors.

If you have any questions about starting or joining a team, or if you’re interested in one of the volunteer positions listed above, please contact us at


Hot Enough for You?

Happy Friday! Here is another great build day story from Lesia KindratPratt whose team was on-site back in early July. We just love it when our Women Build volunteers share stories from their build days with us, and we’re always happy to pass them along to you! If you have a story you’d like to share, please send it (along with any photos you have) to Sarah Stage.

What should you do on the hottest day of the summer so far? Stay inside? Stay cool? No! You should build a house!! Which is exactly what Babes in Tool Land did on their second build day!

Babes in Tool Land

Instead of the umbrellas we needed for our first day, we armed ourselves with sunscreen and hats and hit the build site, led, as always, by the invaluable Erwin (who I am I beginning to think should be nominated for sainthood for his seemingly endless patience and good humor).

ScaffoldingAfter putting together and securing the scaffolding on the side of the house, it was time to get to work. (Wait, putting up the scaffolding wasn’t the work?!) We added foam to the front and side of the house, helped prep for siding, and got to use some power tools. Electric saw? No problem! Hop up on the scaffolding? Got it! Start roofing? You be–

Wait, what?

Yep, just before lunch…the roof arrived. One minute we were innocently standing on the scaffolding, and the next…well, Erwin grinned at us and decided that since we were up there already…

Time for Lunch

And that’s how my teammates and I learned how to put a roof on a house! A couple snapped chalk lines later, and we were on our way. It was definitely a surprise, and there is no doubt it was hot up there, but armed with lots of water and determination, my team and I got to do something we’ve never done before. It’s a testament to Habitat and its foremen that three women can stand at roof level and add something real and meaningful to a house and then point to it and say “We did that!”

Another day in the books for Babes in Tool Land. Another day closer to a home for another Rochester family in need.

Rain or Shine

From time to time, our fabulous Women Build volunteers will share stories from their build days with us, and we’re always happy to pass them along to you! We hope you enjoy this build day story from Lesia KindratPratt, whose team was on-site back in June. If you have a story you’d like to share, please send it (along with any photos you have) to Sarah Stage.

After five years, it was bound to happen…our build day weather luck ran out. After years of gloriously cool days, or at the very least, hot muggy days without a cloud in the sky, Babes in Tool Land’s first build day this year dawned gray and damp, moving into a steady drizzle by the time the day’s orientation was complete.

Rain or Shine

But did that stop us? Nope! Rain, mud, and wet sawdust were no match for the Babes as we followed our fearless leader, Erwin, down the ladder (who needs a staircase?) into the basement. First order of business? Prep the basement for the cement that was arriving in the near future. So while dodging the raindrops sneaking in through strategic places (always where we seemed to be standing!), we raked, buried the larger rocks, leveled the stone, and laid the plastic tarp. Basement was ready.

Lesia Kindratpratt

We broke for an early lunch, hoping we could perhaps outsmart Mother Nature and convince her that we were actually done for the day. No such luck!

Erwin kindly offered us an early dismissal, but last time we checked, Babes don’t melt – we were there to work! Basement duties done, we had no choice but to work outside, and work outside we did. The afternoon was spent hammering, sawing, and making sure the walls were straight and level for the roof that was starting in a few days.

Babes in Toolland

We were definitely a sight for sore eyes by the time we were done – soggy, tired, and probably unwelcome in most public places, but proud of our days’ work nonetheless. We helped build a house! Habitat really is “rain or shine,” and Babes in Tool Land can now lay claim to having worked in both. But in the end, an amazing build day as always, no matter what the weather!!

5 Year Hero Awards

The 2013-2014 Women Build Committee would like to recognize two very special groups of women whose dedication and hard work has helped make the Flower City Habitat for Humanity Women Build what it is today. These founding teams have been working tirelessly for 5 years, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

The recipients of the 5 Year Hero Awards are:

MK Pink Worker Bees
Rem’Arc’able Women

MK Pink Worker Bees

Ladies – we truly appreciate all that you have done over the years to help make the Women Build a sustainable, ongoing effort here in Rochester. Thank you!

Rem'Arc'able Women

Stay tuned – more awards are on the way!

We Did It!!!

Congratulations to all – we have officially reached our goal of $75,000!


Each year we start the Women Build program holding our breath and taking a leap of faith that we will be able to raise $75,000 to build a house for a single mom and her family. Your commitment, creativity and perseverance has paid off as we’ve met our 2013 goal! Whether you made visits, calls and emails to donors, held fundraisers, sold Delta Sonic tickets, got corporate funding, put out donation buckets at garage sales or in your office, or donated your own money… YOU DID IT! WAY TO GO!

Take a moment and celebrate – and thank your donors – share the good news – invite them out to see the house!

The Women Build Committee would like to acknowledge and give a great big thanks to Karen Kall who has led the Women Build program the past few years and put us on this successful path for the 2013 Women Build house!


And a big shout out to the entire 2012-2013 Women Build Committee who worked tirelessly behind the scenes with planning, fundraising, recruiting, and sweating the details of the Women Build program:

  • Mary Hadley
  • Sarah Stage
  • Stephanie Rankin
  • Jackie Crego
  • Judie Griffin

And also a huge THANK YOU to the ladies behind the scenes REALLY sweating the day to day details and tactical plans…our Flower City Habitat for Humanity Heroes:

  • Teresa Bianchi
  • Deanna Varble
  • Kayla Himelein

All money that comes in while we are working on the 2013 house will help us get a head start on our 2014 Women Build House fundraising, which will be a huge help!


Now our focus will be on completing the build. Make sure to sign up and get out on the site!


Happy Building!

2013 Women Build Awards

Greetings from the Women Build Steering Committee! It seems like only yesterday we were sitting in the fundraising juice boost sessions and gearing up to raise $75,000 for this year’s house and now we’re almost there! I think we all deserve a big pat on the back.

Go on. I’ll wait.

All joking aside, we wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for all of your hard work, so THANK YOU. This year, we have decided to recognize the efforts of teams we feel have gone above and beyond with a series of awards. There will be categories for new teams, founding teams, large teams and small teams. The winning teams will receive a framed award certificate as well as recognition here on the blog over the next couple of weeks.

Aug 16 - Pam and Nancy using the saw

First up, we have the MEGA Award for teams who have raised over $5,000 for the 2013 Women Build Home. Winners of the MEGA Award are:

Calico Hammers
Insero & Company
On Kall Women
Women with KMC

Congratulations to the leaders and members of each of these teams on an incredibly successful year of fundraising!

Stay tuned, because there are more awards to come!

In build news, the house is progressing quickly! Yesterday Insero & Company installed foam insulation and doors and prepped for window installation.

Renee installs a door

As always, if you have photos or news you’d like to share, please pass them along to our committee chair Mary Hadley. Happy building!

Can you dig it?

FCHHWBGB13BLast Saturday, on Mother’s Day weekend, we celebrated the kick-off of our 2013 Women Build home and 2013 National Women Build Week sponsored by Lowe’s Home Improvement through what was supposed to be a ground breaking ceremony. You know, one in which we really dig the foundation.

FCHHWBGB13TBut as we’ve learned here at Flower City Habitat for Humanity, Mother Nature doesn’t always agree with our pretty manicured media events, and so the rain came hard and steady earlier in the week – creating havoc for the dumping grounds and pushing our spoil-haul off until the following week. No hauling of spoils means so digging of basements, and so we brought out the golden shovels (and a surprise pink pay loader thanks to the generous crew at AP Enterprises) and made the “ceremonial” first digs with our homeowner family and Women Build Teams.

FCHHWBGB13EIt may have been windy, and cold more like a March day than a May day, but that couldn’t keep the smiles off of anyone’s face. When you break ground on a Habitat house, even if it’s just a few shovels full, it’s a GOOD day – ya know?

FCHHWBGB13FAnd those at the event had a chance to meet our 2013 homeowner, Kreasha, her son Don’Trael, and her daughter Khemani – taking a GOOD day to a GREAT day.

FCHHWBGB13GThrow in a lovely present from Michelle Ashby to Karen Kall – a plague of this year’s Democrat & Chronicle article about Women Build and Kall; coverage from WHEC, YNN, and HER Magazine; and Women Build swag-bags for all those who attended – and, well, let’s just say no windy cold grey day could bring us down!

WB13GBaWhich leads to today (May 16th), where we finally dug down down down on a bright and sunny 80 degree day creating the foundation-hole for our 2013 Women Build house. That’s right ladies, there is a foundation-hole ready with your name on it. So make sure you’ve got your pages ready, the donations flowing in, and your team’s volunteer day set up with our part-time volunteer coordinator – because we’ve got a house to build!