Mother’s Day Gifts and Flower City Habitat

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It’s Spring in Rochester, and that means the Daffs and the Magnolia trees are all in bloom. But it also means Mother’s Day, which in Flower City Habitat for Humanity’s world means the true kick off for our Women Build house!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for this year’s ground breaking on Mother’s Day weekend. You’ll help us start the dig – your team can have your picture taken with our golden shovels and in the excavator!

Saturday, May 11th
10 Kondolf Street
Rochester, NY 14611


We’re also happy to announce that Panda Wear is offering Women Build Jewelry again this year – with 50% of each sale going to YOUR women build team! Mother’s Day orders have to be in by May 3rd – so be sure to download the form and get your Mother’s Day order into Kim Pandina today!


Moms and Homes

WBMothersDayMoms and homes – two things are at the heart of our Flower City Habitat Women Build program. We spend a significant amount of time raising funds and then raising a roof for a Rochester, NY single mother and her family.


Cassandra – Mother and our 2012 Women Build Homeowner

And why? Because we know having a stable, safe, healthy home changes the lives of children. 98% of Flower City Habitat children graduate from High School or earn their GED. In a city school district that has been graduating at a sad 50%, our Habitat homeowner families set the bar for achievement. It’s the quiet place to study, the warm bedroom to get a good night’s sleep, and the commitment to bettering one’s future that help our homeowner children begin to break the cycle of poverty in their families.


Venita – Mother and our 2011 Women Build Homeowner

In many of our homeowner families, and definitely in the case of our Women Build families, it’s a mother at the center that is helping to change the outlook for her children’s future. By stepping up and committing to 450 hours of sweat equity as well as a 30-year zero interest mortgage, she is taking control and setting an example for her children of what it means to work-hard and reap the benefits of commitment.

Linda - Mother and our 2010 Women Build Homeowner

Linda – Mother and our 2010 Women Build Homeowner

But it’s not only our Habitat homeowners that are great mothers who have set examples for their children. This is a story that can bridge demographics, race, and income – mothers setting the tone for success in their families.

So Habitat for Humanity International is asking, “How has your mom helped build your home?” Metaphorically and literally, many of us have great stories of our mothers and our home. We hope you’ll share yours with us – instructions are right here. (Don’t forget to use #WomenBuild13, #ROC, and @womenbuild in your story!) We also look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day – and ALL great mothers – with you at our 2013 Women Build Groundbreaking on May 11th. (For details click here.)

Fizzy Pink Jackhammer

By Sarah Stage, Insero & Company CPAs Team Captain

Last Friday, I had the distinct pleasure of attending ROC Properties at ARTISANWorks and helping spread the word about volunteering for Women Build. My fellow committee member Mary Hadley and I spoke to many amazing women (and men) who truly support the cause and would make great additions to our team. If you weren’t able to attend but would like to learn more, please contact Karen Kall or Mary Hadley – we have many opportunities for teams or individuals to get involved!

Roc Properties Women Build

At the event, we raffled off an amazing gift basket full of treats, snacks, and the ingredients for a cocktail: The Fizzy Pink Jackhammer. We had almost as many requests for the recipe as we did raffle entries, so I promised to share it with everyone!


The Fizzy Pink Jackhammer

Serves Two

3oz. Absolute Hibiskus Vodka
2oz. Pama Pomegranate Liquor
Grapefruit Soda
4 Cherries
Grapefruit Bitters

Mix vodka and pomegranate liquor in a shaker over ice
Shake it like a jackhammer
Strain into two glasses with cubed ice
Add grapefruit soda, 2 cherries, and 2 bitter dashes to each glass
Find a bestie, make a toast, and share

To make a virgin Fizzy Pink Jackhammer, just swap grapefruit juice for vodka,
POM juice for the Pomegranate Liquor, and use club soda in place of the grapefruit soda.

But seriously folks, please drink responsibly (and only if you are over 21)
and never, ever drink & operate any type of machinery including power tools!

Shop and Support Women Build

By Sarah Stage, Insero & Company CPAs Women Build Team Captain

I don’t know about you, but I love to shop and I love a good bargain. That’s why I’m so excited to share this news:

Classic Home & Garden invites you to their grand opening on Saturday, April 13th where you’ll find pre-owned, vintage and handcrafted accessories, furniture and gifts at up to 75% off retail prices. That’s pretty great, but here’s the best part:

20% of Proceeds from Opening-Day Sales Will Benefit Women Build


Owner and curator Shannon Roxborough said in a recent statement to the RBJ “We are excited about joining a community so passionate about design and art while supporting Flower City Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organization that shares our views on the importance of home life.”

So mark your calendars and get ready to shop! Here are the details:

Classic Home & Garden
Grand Opening
April 13, 2013, 9am to 3pm
2854 Dewey Avenue
Greece, NY 14616 (map)

Don’t forget to share and tell your friends not to miss out on this great opportunity to save and support!