2012 Women Build Guest Bartending Night

We’re waiting a bit to show you pictures from Casandra’s dedication last Saturday (if you’d like to see dedication pictures without commentary, you can find them here) to share with you good news from 2012 Women Build Guest Bartender Night at Marshall Street Bar and Grill. The blog post below is from Women Build Chair, Karen Kall – and we couldn’t agree with her more. Now we just have to raise $14,000 to complete the 2012 Women Build home – congratulations to our Women Build teams who helped with the Guest Bartender Night that took a chunk out of our deficit.

Wow! $4,000! In ONE night! Amazing! I’m thrilled to be part of this Women Build group as each one of you brings a special talent and is not afraid to jump right in there. My number one reflection on last night is the extraordinary reach of our guest bartenders and without which we would not have had this success. Our Women Build committee members brought high-visibility, outgoing executives, and talent to bartend at Marshall’s last night and THEY in turn brought their colleagues and friends! Keep in mind the POWER of the brand “Habitat.” Just to reflect…

  • Sergio Esteban from Labella Associates, P.C. treated everyone one of the LaBella employees to their first drink, bringing more employees than would have easily come

  • Nancy Catsrisano from Insero & Company not only brought employees but I met many of her clients!
  • Bob Bailey from Bausch + Lomb invited not only B+L employees but lawyers from firms all over Rochester

  • Billy Moran of WCMF drew out an incredible bar-buddy (heard Billy on air in the morning) who took a beer pitcher around to solicit hundreds of dollars in tips

  • Heidi’s (Caton) partners at Bonadio agreed to MATCH her tips during her shift – that would make Heidi our most successful bartender

  • Seth Clark of Advanced Multi-Service brought out the Webster crowd while his wife took pictures which we will share as soon as we can



Gearing Up For Women Build Dedication on August 18th

But before we get to that, we’d like to send a huge shout out to ALL the Women Build teams who helped us earn $2,093.00 in the last two weeks. That means that we earned the match from Gallagher Benefit Services, adding a total donation (in the last two weeks) of $4,093.00 to Casandra’s home. THANK YOU to everyone who asked a friend, family member, coworker, boss, or community member for a donation. And THANK YOU to the Rochester community for continuing to support our Women Build team members as they finish this Habitat home.

In house progress news, Rem’Arc’able Women (and man) were out on site today installing bottom cabinets, installing door knobs…you know the DETAILS! Which means we are OH SO CLOSE to finishing the building of Casandra’s home.

So if you haven’t had a chance to get on site, make sure you sign up this week (or give us a call 546-1470) to get your ladies on the Women Build home. We’ll be dedicating the home to Casandra and her family on August 18th at 11:00am. So join us at 158 Campbell Street to meet Casandra, tour the finished home, take some pictures, and enjoy the Women Build team spirit! This event is open to the public, so feel free to invite your donors or friends who might like to join Women Build next year. It’s a great way to show off the hard work you all have put into this home.

And let’s end this blog on a fun note with some live music, 50/50 raffle, drink specials, and crazy bartending. That’s right – don’t forget that Tuesday, August 21st at Marshall Street Bar and Grill our Women Build teams will be hosting a Guest Bartending Night where all of the cash tips will go towards the $16,000 still needed to complete the funding for 158 Campbell Street home. Be sure to stop by, we’ll be rocking out Marshall Street from 5:30pm until 8:30pm.

This event can only be a success if we pack the bar – so be sure to pass this invite along to friends, family, and the rest of your network. You can invite friends to the Facebook event page by clicking here. Or you can download this PDF flier to send around to friends. Which ever you pick, please help us spread the word about this event!

3 More Days to Help Us Earn a $2,000 Match

You ladies (and men!) have been doing some heavy lifting on the fundraising end too! Are you excited to find out if we made it,or what?! We’re going to hold the news until Tuesday, so be sure to check Facebook to see if we did it. But know that we’re OH SO CLOSE! So make sure to do a final push over the weekend and get those donations in before the end of the day Monday. Thanks to Gallagher Benefit Services for setting the challenge with the match, and if you’d like to make a donation – please click here.

Lots of progress on the Women Build House this week as we continue to work on the details. LaBella Associates had a crew of well-qualified volunteers on Saturday. Don’t let their goofy demeanor fool you, they got a LOT done and gave us a great jump-start on this week.

Karpus Investment Management was out on site Thursday helping to get the driveway ready for concrete and getting the porch pieces in tip-top shape.

And I#4U spent Friday hanging fence, hanging doors, and pouring the driveway in those wonderful yellow rubber boots that Tipping Point Media wore so well in early May.

We know it was a full week of volunteers on site – and we didn’t have a chance to catch you all, grab some pictures, and say hello. But we wanted you to know that we know here at Flower City Habitat this house wouldn’t happen without all of you – THANK YOU from the bottom of our foundations. We’re getting SO CLOSE to dedication day, and we know Casandra is getting excited to say thank you to you all too. So don’t forget to mark your calendars for Saturday, August 18th’s dedication at 11am!