Only 8 more days to help raise $2,000

And we know we can do it! In case you haven’t heard, if we raise $2,000 between July 23rd and August 6th, Gallagher Benefit Services is going to match our $2,000 for a total of $4,000!

How are we doing? Well, in online donations alone we’ve raised $803.00 this week. So keep on asking your friends, family, and co-workers to support your Women Build team so we can earn that match.

Need a little help? Here’s a short message for you to copy and post into your Facebook status for a donation push.

Want to help me earn a free $2,000 for Flower City Habitat’s Women Build home, a home I am helping to build with single mom Casandra? All you need to do is click the link below and donate $5, $10, or $20 dollars to my team page! I only have this week to earn that $2,000 by raising $2,000 – so please help TODAY!

And then don’t forget to add the link to your Women Build page. Good luck, ladies, and we’ll keep you in the loop on how we’re doing and when we earn that match.

(Want to donate right now and help us earn that $2,000 match? Click here to make a general Women Build donation.)


Who wants to help us earn $2,000?

Come on ladies, let’s join together and reach out to all of our friends, family, coworkers, exes, and even those random Facebook friends you still have in your list from High School because if we can collectively raise $2,000 between July 23rd and August 6th Gallagher Benefit Services has promised to double our $2,000. (Anyone can make a donation to help us earn the match by clicking here.)

That’s right – we can earn 2012 Women Build a free $2,000 just be banding together and making the ask to our networks – for a total donation of $4,000!

So we’re asking you to reach out and have the community help us earn that extra donation to 2012 Women Build. Don’t hesitate to ask those you’ve already asked, or those that have already given. In fact, we’ve even written a little something to get you started:

Dear _________

I’m asking you to help me earn a $2,000 donation to Flower City Habitat for Humanity 2012 Women Build home. Right now we’re in the final stages of building a house with Habitat homeowner Casandra and her daughter Arianna in Rochester, NY. My fellow Women Build teammates and I have helped raise funds and pound nails on this home, but we are still $25,000 short of funds for completing the home.

Fortunately Gallagher Benefit Services has stepped in to help, pledging an extra $2,000 donation to the home if we can raise $2,000 between now and August 6th.
And this is where I need your help – If you can give, please make a donation to my page (Enter your URL here) by August 6th.

And if you already have given, thank you so much for helping us come so far! Won’t you consider adding $5 or $10 to your donation so that we can achieve our match.

Thanks for supporting me in building this home for a single mother in Rochester!

If we all make as many asks as we can, we’re SURE we can earn this extra $2,000. It’s only going to take each of us gaining a pledge of $20 to exceed what we need for the match.

And Gallagher Benefit Services is going to be asking too. They’re forming a Women Build team as we speak to not only help us raise more funds, but also to help us finish building the house. Let’s welcome them to the 2012 Women Build family.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun(draisers)

Before we tell you about some FUNdraisers, first we’d like to give a big thanks to On Kall Women for Habitat team members who were out on site this morning helping us film a promo spot for our friends at WHEC. Channel 10 will be airing the spots about Rochester pride during the Olympic Games and asked to film our volunteers giving back to the Rochester community. We were honored to be though of, so of course we said yes!

You ladies looked WONDERFUL and we can’t wait to see you on TV starting July 27th!

FUN(draisers)? That’s right! Because who doesn’t want to have fun while raising funds?! We have a couple new Women Build Fundraising invitations for you to pass along to your friends, coworkers, and family so that we can fill the $32,000 we still need to finish Cassandra’s house. Some of them are still being planned, but get them on your calendar now before the end of summer fills up!

Women Build Guest Bartending Night July
Sunday, July 22nd
4:30pm – 8:30pm
The Brighton
1881 East Ave Rochester, NY 14610
(Parking Available Next To Restaurant)
All CASH tips from both the bar and dining room will be donated to 2012 Women Build at Flower City Habitat for Humanity, and The Brighton will be adding on a $200 donation themselves! So stop out, enjoy Sunday dinner and live music while you donated to Flower City Habitat.

Women Build Guest Bartending Night August

Our Women Build Subcommittee is also planning a guest bartending night in August at The Marshall Street Bar and Grill. Tentatively the date will be Tuesday, August 21st. So stay in touch for more information on that event.