Strong Women, Rem’Arc’able Women, and Tunnell Women

Rem’Arc’able Women

This week three of our Women Build teams were out on site – and made a lot of progress.

Strong Women had ladies not only from Rochester, but also from Buffalo and Syracuse! It’s great to see the good word of 2012 Women Build spreading.

“I love Women Build, and look forward to it every year,” Pam from Strong Women told us. “Especially because when you come, and build on site, you learn something new. Erwin is so patient with us, and every year I learn a new build skill that I never thought I’d know.”

They spent some time with drywall, measuring prepping for hanging and adding more siding to the front of the home.

Rem’Arc’able Women were remarkable, indeed on Friday. Working hard on porch preparations and hanging more drywall.

Jackie Crego kept her team on pace and on track. As a Women Build veteran, she knows what she’s doing. “You’ve got to reallyswing the hammer. Hit the nail like you’re really mad at it,” she said encouraging her team mates.

Rem’Arc’able Women worked alongside a new pool member, Tish and her friend, who were out on site for their first time. Tish is working on her first 250 hours of sweat equity as she earns her way towards a home for her and her two sons.

And this Saturday, Tunnell Women will be out onsite working on the Women Build home after our Memorial Ceremony for Former Women Build Captain Renee Tschetter. Don’t forget to join us at 11AM on Saturday (at 158 Campbell Street) to celebrate Renee’s life. You can click here for more information on the ceremony.


A Big Women Buid Goal is Reached

Thanks to the incredible fundraising efforts of our teams, we’re over 50% over the total Women Build goal! We still have a way to go by August, so let’s keep up the great work and add some more teams to our roster. We still have $35,969 to raise in order to complete Casandra and Arianna’s new home.

And that 50% of goal wouldn’t be possible without the out-of-the-box events that many of our Women Build team host each year to help them raise funds. This past Tuesday On Kall Women for Habitat hosted a guest bartending night and 50/50 raffle at the Cottage Hotel in Mendon. It was a fanatically fun time, and they raised over $680 for their team! A special thanks to Judy Griffin who not only won the 50/50 raffle but donated it back to On Kall Women for Habitat.

And if you’ve been at any of our Women Build team’s fundraising events, or hosted one, be sure to let us know so we can get you achievement badges! There is one for those that help host the event, and three available for those that attend. Simply send Deanna an email ( with the name of the event, who on our team hosted (or attended) and we’ll be sure to send them out to you.

On site news, this week was full of Women Build team members swinging hammers like crazy! So much so that we actually ran out of badges for those of you who have volunteered on site (but don’t worry, we’re ordering more). Insero Habitat Homemakers, Babes in Tool Land, and On Kall Women for Habitat pounded nails this week and we’re so thankful to have had their help on site.

We swung by and caught Rachelle from Insero Habitat Homemakers swinging a hammer on a 90+ degree day. Her whole team certainly deserve some kudos for working hard in the heat.

Last, but not least, remember that we’re holding a memorial for Renee (former Women Build captain for Insero) who passed away this spring. Click here for more information on Saturday, June 30th’s event.

The color of love is an earthy green

You know how we can tell? Because it’s the color of the 2012 Women Build house! And it’s looking fantastic as our ladies (in this case the Women with KMC) install and paint it.

And if you dare doubt that in 2012 the color of love is the color of Casandra’s home, then just step inside and take a look at the messages and name tags left by our Women Build teams and volunteers.

We know Casandra has been taking special care to photograph them, so that once the walls are enclosed she’ll have your sweet words of inspiration, encouragement, and congratulations.

So if the hours spent asking for donations, building the home, and writing in the walls isn’t love – then we certainly don’t know what is.

On a last note – June 11th – June 17th LISA’S BOUTIQUE WITH A HEART will be donating 20% of her sales to the Women Build Project Flower City Habitat for Humanity. So stop in and see their shop in Schoen Place or join them for a kick-off party on Wednesday, June 13th from 6-8PM.

Wait? Guys on Women Build?

Who can believe that in less than a month our Women Build home now has a roof, basement floors, enclosed walls, and now windows!

Insero Habitat Homemaker women were out on site this Thursday learning how to install  those windows. Sara Culhane from Insero & Co. gives us the inside scoop:

“The day was great – and it was perfect weather! The boys worked on the roof and put in cement for another house. The girls learned how to put in windows.

I think what we enjoyed most was learning how to do these things as they were new skills for us. It was also fun to interact and work as a team with our own firm and with some of the regular volunteers.

I know the girls were able to work with someone who has been doing it for 7 years so it was interesting to learn about his experiences as well!”

Wait, guys? On Women Build? Yep, that’s right ladies – your team doesn’t have to be filled only with females. If you have men in your life or workplace who are interested in helping build a home with Casandra and Arianna, bring them on board!

The more people we have working hard to raise out $75,000, the stronger Women Build will be!