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are appearing on the left-hand sidebar! We welcome I#4U 2012 Women Build Team’s Blog Feed to the sidebar. If you’d like to know what’s going on from a team insider perspective, check out Mary and the I#4U team as they build and blog their way to Women Build success. (Each pink headline is a story; just click them to read the whole post.)

Don’t forget that keeping your current donors (and potential donors) up to date with house progress, team pictures, and other fun Women Build event invites is a great way to keep them engaged and feel like their donation made a difference. An engaged donor, is a happy, often repeat donor!


The height of Women Build fashion

has got to be this morning’s “we’re pouring concrete today” yellow rubber boots, as modeled by the lovely ladies of Tipping Point Media’s women build team. You gals look fantastic!

And let’s give credit to Gary, who joined the Tipping Point team building today. Women Build welcomes all genders!

House is looking good, the walls are up, the roof has been started, and the boots are because they poured the basement floor this morning. Love the progress.

Don’t forget this Sunday is the Women Build benefit at Country Way Garden CenterBring this invitation with you and 10% of your purchases on Sunday will do to Flower City Habitat’s Women Build program. We’ve got another $35,000 to raise by August – so every flower or dollar counts!

Raise That Wall!

Written by Sarah Cohen, Insero & Company Women Build Team Captain

What a beautiful day for a Wall Raising Ceremony! As we gathered around the build site on Saturday that’s what everyone kept saying – and it was – warm and sunny with just a bit of a breeze. That’s three years in a row (at least) of perfect weather for the Women Build Wall Raising. We had a great turn out too – a big THANK YOU to everyone who was there.

For most of us, Saturday was our first opportunity to meet the 2012 Women Build Homeowner Casandra and her daughter Arianna. It was truly a pleasure to meet such a sweet, bright, hard-working young woman and it warmed my heart to see how many friends and family members came out to support them both.

As you may have noticed, the wall got a special paint job just for the occasion – but it wasn’t the only thing painted pink on Saturday…

About half-way through the ceremony Women Build Chair Karen Kall removed her hard-hat and passed it through the crowd with the promise that if they could raise at least $10 we’d get to see the twin’s toes! Well, we must have been intrigued because they raised over $70!!! Plus we all got a good laugh:

Thank you Edwin and Erwin for helping us raise the money and the walls – we couldn’t do it without you! I think we can all learn a valuable lesson from Karen and the twins as well – FUNdraising needs to be FUN! As of this morning the Women Build teams have raised $32,527.49 (great job ladies) but we still have a long way to go before we get to $75,000. So let this inspire you to keep it fun, and make direct, personal, and manageable asks. Every dollar counts! (Hmm, that sounds familiar)

Just for fun, if you didn’t make it to the ceremony, here’s a little glimpse of what it looked like when Team Insero raised the wall:

Building the Walls we Raise

The women of Eye Pound for You were out on site yesterday prepping and finishing the walls for the Women Build Wall Raising tomorrow!

There’s a treat in store on Saturday that’s not pictured…Erwin tells me there will be some color changes to the walls of the Women Build home, so make sure you stop by and bring your camera!

Women Build Wall Raising
Saturday, May 12th 2012 at 11AM SHARP!
158 Campbell Street
(Campbell Street is ONE WAY – so take Jay Street to Grape Street)
(Click for Map)

And let’s end this post with a message Casandra (our 2012 Women Build homeowner) left for everyone on Facebook yesterday:

Hello I’m Casandra the homeowner of the women’s build house, I would like to thank you and send you my gratitude for taking out the time from your busy schedules to assist in the building of my families new home. Your hard work and effort is genuinely appreciated. May god continue to bless all of you for the tremendous job you have done!!!

Casandra is right – you ladies are THE BEST! Hope to see you all on Saturday!

My aha! moments

Written by Teresa Bianchi, Flower City Habitat’s Development Manager

Saturday was a good day. Not only because I spent the morning with 12 fantastic women from our Women Build program at Webster, NY Lowe’s learning about power tools and some basic electrical skills – but because I had three amazing aha! moments.

For the first, you have to know that I am the landscaper/gardener/yard maintenance person for my house. Which is great, except that when trimming the bushes or weed-eating using my power tools, I spend more time going back to plug in the power cord (that I’ve managed to pull out) than I do actually doing yard work.

So I would like to thank Del, our master teacher at the Lowe’s clinic, for this tip of tying your power cords in a knot. My first aha (and possibly most beneficial) of the morning.

The next was both an aha and a funny moment. Apparently, on the back of table saws there is a pipe which for professional/home woodworking shops is where you would normally hook-up a dust collector. This collector sucks the sawdust away from you, your iPhone, and what you’re working on. Notice I said professional/home woodworking shops, which is not where we were on Saturday.

At the clinic, in the midst of casual passers-by and Saturday shoppers, we managed to spray sawdust like it was New Year’s Eve in Times Square. It was a pretty funny demonstration of why dust collectors are important, but also fun to cover poor shoppers/our own women/my iPhone in layers of sawdust.

Aha moment two, our Construction Manager, Bill, doesn’t show up everywhere covered in sawdust because he thinks it’s fashionable, he does it because it get’s everywhere and is totally unavoidable when you don’t have a dust collector on your table saw.

Aha moment three came courtesy of Lea from The Bonadio Group, who managed to squeeze in our clinic and get covered in sawdust on the same day as she was graduating with her Master’s Degree. As she headed out of Lowe’s and home to clean up for graduation, I thought – it is possible to be one of those women who does everything. Lea is that woman. Aha moment three, you can do everything so long as you’re willing to roll with what the day brings. Congratulation Lea on your big day!!!

It really was a great day, filled with much more learning than just my three ahas. It seemed everyone learned at least one thing, and there was a request to hold another clinic. If you’re interested, leave a comment below and we’ll send around the list to see what else our ladies would like to learn!

Lowe’s Clinic Tomorrow! And Other 2012 Women Build Events

Women with KMC had a great day (weather and spirit-wise) out on site yesterday. They lucked out and got all of the forms for the foundation out well before the drizzle and thunderstorms. And thank goodness because that would have been one very muddy hole!

And speaking of goodness, we have some fun events in the next few days!

Today is Insero Habitat Homemakers raffle from 12:30PM – 3:00PM (click for more details).

Tomorrow is the Lowe’s Women Build Clinic at Webster Lowe’s from 10:00AM – 12:00PM.

And next week is National Women Build Week for all Habitat for Humanities! Celebrate with us on May 12th (Saturday) as we raise the wall on our Women Build home at 158 Campbell Street starting at 11:00AM. Bring your team, donors, or anyone who is interested in starting a team – there will be photo-ops raising the wall (of a yet to be announced special color), a special speech or two, and chance for you to celebrate the biggest milestone of the house building process next to completion.

We hope to see  you all at these fun events! (And there are some fantastic achievement badges to be earned by attending.)

Lastly – don’t forget about our two additional Women Build fundraising opportunities Panda Wear Jewelry (click for more details) and Country Way Garden Center (click for more details). We’d love to know some fun things that your team is doing to help make your goal – share them in our comments so all the Women Build teams can see!