Brotherly Love for Women Build – UPDATED

This made our morning – Edwin AND Erwin spending some cold quality time down in the Women Build foundation. You’ve got to love the twin’s spirit and dedication! They can’t WAIT to see you all out on site.

Speaking of on site, don’t forget to sign up your teams for build days. Remember, EVERYONE on your team needs to be signed up individually so make sure every Women Build team member has her/his name on a day. The twins will need the help to continue the house build (and to get out of that hole!) – so make sure you sign up today or we’ll start opening the Women Build days to non-Women Build teams.

Lastly, we have another fundraising opportunity for our Women Build teams. Goodness Grows is a plant fundraiser from Country Way Garden & Design Center – part of the Broccolo Family. On SUNDAY, MAY 20th 10% of purchases from Country Way will be donated to Flower City Habitat’s 2012 Women Build program.

How does it work?

**UPDATE** For those of you asking about Country Way – you can find their website here. And we’ve added their address to the invitation.

  • Download this invitation from Country Way
  • Share it with your contacts
  • Ask them to make their gardening/landscaping purchases on SUNDAY, MAY 20th at Country Way
  • Remind them bring the invitation with them when they make their purchase (we ONLY get 10% when a customer uses the invitation – so this is important!)

Lovely Day On Site for the Women of RocLinks Team

…as you can see from this great photo snapped by site supervisor Erwin. With the summer-like temperatures and nice breeze, we here in the office are a little jealous. It’s a great day to be building and the ladies from The Links, Inc. have definitely kept the Women Build house moving forward – look at those foundation walls behind the Links women!

If you’re on a Women Build team, don’t forget to sign up for your volunteer days! We need EVERYONE in the system – not just the team captain – so that we know who’s out on site each day for achievement badges, how many lunches to order, and who hasn’t yet built. Women Build site days are running out, so make sure to jump on Volunteer Up and grab your spot today even if you haven’t finished fundraising.

If you have any questions on how to sign up, give Tiffany Paine a call at 546-1470 ext. 315 or email

And one last fun piece of Women Build news – all of the photos from the Ground Breaking are available on both Flickr and Facebook. Don’t forget to upload yours all well and add them to the Flickr Pool or tag Flower City Habitat in them!

Special 2012 Women Build Jewelry

Thanks to Kim Pandina, creator of Panda Wear, we’re offering a fun (and pretty) fundraiser for our Women Build teams this year. Kim has created these earring sets especially for Flower City Habitat Women Build and she’s offering them to our teams below cost! This means that you can sell them as a way to raise money for your Women Build team.


Ms. Fix It
Cost per pair $40

These are very versatile earrings which are light weight and comfortable.  Materials are Sterling Silver with pewter tools and surgical steel ear wires.

Mom With Love
Cost per pair $55

Two styles – either Sterling Silver or 14 karat gold filled.   Order by 5/2 for Mother’s day.  Price includes basic shipping via USPS.  When ordering, please provide the name of who gift is for and who the gift is from.  Kim will create note cards to go with each set with the habitat logo and the gift giver and the recipient on them.

  • Sterling Silver twisted heart earrings with Pink Swarovski crystal dangles.  These beautiful earrings sparkle and catch the light.  All metal beads are Sterling Silver.  Ear wires are surgical steel. Size below the finding is 55mm x 20mm.  Total length is 70mm.

  • 14 Karat Gold Filled earrings with Pink Swarovski crystal dangles (pictured in purple).  These beautiful earrings sparkle and catch the light. Size is 55mm x 20mm.  Total length is 70mm.


  • Choose to sell one (or both!) types of earrings as a fundraiser
  • Download this PDF
    • Fill in your information at the bottom of the form
    • Save the PDF on your computer
    • Attach PDF to emails or print and send to donors
  • Place orders as they come in by contacting Kim Pandina at or 585-747-8494 (Be sure to tell her your team name, and team member name)
    • Kim will be collecting payment for the earrings
    • Please make checks to Kim Pandina and have your donor write YOUR name on the memo line
  • For every pair of earrings you sell, your team member page will be credited $10 at the end of the sale (5/29/2012)

If you have any additional questions – don’t hesitate to call us here at Flower City Habitat. Just ask for Teresa Bianchi – 546-1470 or email

Breaking New Ground

We had a group photo taken with a female dump truck driver!

Written by Kelly Isles, Tipping Point Media Women Build Team

The 2012 Women Build groundbreaking was a success! On the cold, dreary morning of April 11, teams gathered for the official start of construction on 158 Campbell Street. Team members from Mary Kay Pink Worker Bees, Build Pink for CNB, Women with KNC, Insero’s Habitat Homemakers, On Kall Women for Habitat and Tipping Point Media all braved the wet weather to celebrate the groundbreaking and receive an achievement badge for attending. We wore our hard hats and had the opportunity to have photos taken in the bulldozer and with golden shovels! (Check out FCHH’s Facebook for more pictures!)

We are well on our way to reaching our fundraising goal. As of April 13, we are just shy of $20,000 raised! Great job everyone! Keep it up!

Whose fundraising juice has been boosted?

For those of you curious about the 2012 Women Build Achievement Badges - here are all that can be earned.

I hope that’s a unanimous hand raise from all of the Women Build teams and team members who joined us last night for the Women Build Fundraising Juice Boost! We enjoyed seeing and talking with every one of you. We hope you left with a lot of new ideas and a bit of that Women Build comradery. After all, we’re all in this together.

For those of you who couldn’t make it (or who’d like a refresher) you can find the power point from the evening right here.

And don’t forget to join us next week at the Ground Breaking; Wednesday, April 11th at 9AM. (158 Campbell Street in Rochester). You’ll have a chance to:

  • Get your picture taken in the backhoe or with a golden shovel
  • Pick up your purple hard hat (for those of you who have started a fundraising page)
  • Earn an achievement badge that you’ll get right at the event!

And don’t forget to join On-Kall Women for Habitat on Tuesday, April 10th at 7PM for their Guest Bartending night. We promise you’ll have a good time and earn another achievement badge. Click here to learn more.

We’ve also scheduled the Women Build Clinic with Lowe’s in Webster. It will be Saturday May 5th from 10AM – 12PM. This year’s topic will be Power Tools and Basic Electrical work. We apologize for those of you who wanted to learn about plumbing – hopefully that will be available next year. The clinic is open to all women in Rochester (Women Build or not), so bring your friends with you! And if you are a Women Build team member, if you attend you earn yet another badge. (Notice a theme?) Click here to sign up using our Volunteer Management system.

And last, but certainly NOT least, we have our Women Build homeowner. We wanted you all to be the first to know that Casandra Vargas, a single mother of one little girl will be the lucky lady building alongside you. We’ll share more about Casandra in upcoming blog posts, but we just had to share the good news!