First American Equipment Finance at their Guest Bartending Night for 2011 Women Build

To ALL of our 2012 Women Build teams! We’ve reached over $10,000 for the house build! We’re aiming to be at $37,500 (or half-way) for the wall raising on May 12th. WE CAN DO IT if we keep up the GREAT work you all have been putting in.

If you’re in need of a little “boost” to your fundraising, please join us at our Fundraising Juice Boost event. Not only will you earn this sweet little badge for your 2012 Women Build Hard Hat – but you’ll get some insight from past Women Build teams on what has worked for them in the past, how to hold a successful event, and we’ll even help you generate a QR code so you can fundraise using a smart phone.

Fundraising Juice Boost
Wednesday – April 4th, 2012
5:30PM – 7:30PM
Flower City Habitat for Humanity
755 Culver Road
Rochester, NY 14609
RSVP to Teresa Bianchi –


Hashtags and QR Codes Fundraising Tips

2011 look back: Our Insero ladies after a hard days work on site.

Hello ladies! We hope that your fundraising efforts are going well. We’ve seen a lot of tweets and Facebook posts regarding Women Build, so keep up the good work! (And don’t forget the Rochester Women Build hashtag: #RocWomenBuild)

As you’re out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, don’t forget that social occasions are a great time to remind people about donating to your team. (And a having the conversation over a pint doesn’t hurt either.) So use this weekend to talk with your friends about what you’re doing (and why) and ask them to make a donation.

If you’re tech-savvy you can even get one of those scanable QR codes for your donation page. (Try QR Code generator to make your own downloadable QR icon for free!) Carry a print out of it with you and you can have friends scan it with their smart phones to make donation. Or, you can always make small business card-like print outs with your fundraising site address on it for them to take home.

And since you’re in the Women Build frame of mind – please note that a couple of dates have changed since we last talked:

Women Build Ground Breaking is now April 11th. Time and location is the same, the date just shifted a little.

Women Build Juice Boost is now April 4th. Come join us as we learn some tips and tricks from the 2011 Women Build teams that did it best.

We’re only one month from breaking ground!

WOW! Did we really just type that?! I guess time does fly when you’re having fun.

Speaking of fun, not only will our Ground Breaking Ceremony on April 10th be a fun event where Women Build teams can get their pictures taken with in a back-hoe (like, MaryPat from MK Pink Worker Bees did last year – pictured above) but registered team members will be able to pick-up their purple hard hat at the event. There will be achievement badges as well, so try and get as many of your team mates and donors to come and kick-off 2012 Women Build.

And just in case you missed this month’s Women Build email blast, you can find it right here. Don’t forget to watch for these blasts once a month until August. We’ll share snippets from the blog and social media space, as well as update you on the growing list of Women Build fundraising events! In fact – did you know both On Kall Women for Habitat and Insero Homemakers already have FUNraisers on the calendar? Get the details on each in the Women Build eNewsletter.

If you’re not on a Women Build Team but would like to get our email blast, just shoot Deanna an email ( with your full name & email address and we’ll add you right on.

One last thing, for all of you Women Build Tweeters – we’ve started a hashtag for all Rochester Women Build tweets. Just use #RocWomenBuild to follow along.

Lowe’s Women Build Clinic Feedback

2011 Lowe's Women Build Clinic Day!

We’re working with Webster Lowe’s to schedule our Women Build Clinic events. If you’ve not participated in them before – they are a GREAT opportunity to get familiar with some construction skills before you get out on site with us.

We’re lucky enough, because of Lowe’s national sponsorship of Habitat for Humanity Women Build, to have these clinics available to us at no charge. Although it’s totally up to you whether you want to participate we just may be offering a hard hat achievement badge for attending (so we hope to see you there)!

What we’d like to ask from you is which clinics sound the most interesting and would be the most useful to you. Take a look at the list below and either leave us a comment or email us ( as to which two are your favorites. (And if you’d like to tell us why – then all the better.)

  • Installing drywall
  • Installing vinyl siding
  • Finish carpentry
  • Installation of cabinets
  • Basic electrical
  • Basic plumbing

Thanks so much for your help on this one! Hopefully the dates work out for you (when we announce them) and we’ll see you there!

Motivation Image #1

Venita's daughter, granddaughter, and son.

We hope the fundraising, team member sign-up, and team creations are all going well! We see a few more names added to the system today, which signals to us that you gals are on top of it! So congrats on that!

Ventia (center) with her daughter and son.

We thought we’d share a motivational image with you from last year. This is Venita and her family, the Women Build homeowner from last year. We just saw Venita, her daughter, and her granddaughter a week ago – and her little granddaughter’s sweet determined demeanor reminded us why we do what we do here. So this week we’re sharing a little Venita with you – on the day we raised the pink fourth exterior wall (again and again for pictures) on her house.

What a great day it was for all of us. And we can’t WAIT to do it again this year!