Hard Hats and Achievement Badges

made their way to the Flower City Habitat for Humanity offices this week. 2012 Women Build team members will now be the proud owner of exclusive FCHH purple hard hats!

Given to when you hit 50% of your personal fundraising goal.

And besides looking as fantastic as our Construction Manager, Bill – these purple hard hats will serve as achievement badge wear-alls. Yes, ladies, that’s right – this year you can earn achievements for meeting certain milestones, attending certain events, and for – well – just being AWESOME on site!

Given each day on site by one of the twins to the Women Build worker they think has earned it. (They determine the reason.)

The woman with the MOST badges will have the honor of giving the hammer to our homeowner at the 2012 Women Build dedication in August. This Habitat tradition is usually bestowed upon the site supervisor who gives the hammer to the homeowner as a symbol of the hard-work they’ve put into their own home. This year, our supervisor has given up his spot to honor the woman who puts the most love into the build. (Besides our homeowner.)

Three of these achievements can be won by each Women Build team member who attends any team’s Women Build fundraising event!

We’ll share with you the full list of achievements in March – but until then here’s a sneak preview of some. So who’s in for ROCKIN’ this 2012 Women Build year and earning some flair?!


Additional Women Build Training Sessions Added!

We’re adding some additional training sessions to the schedule for Women Build 2012. If you’ve been thinking about starting a team, joining a team, or just want to be involved (we have teams looking dedicated fun women JUST LIKE YOU and we’ll hook you up!) then be sure to join us on the following dates:

Friday, February 17th
12 noon – 1:30PM
Flower City Habitat for Humanity
755 Culver Road 14609

Thursday, February 23rd
5:30PM – 7PM
Tipping Point Media
277 Alexander Street – Suite 100
Rochester, NY 14607
Parking available in the lot behind the Medical Arts Building – off of Gardiner Ave.

If you have a large team and would all like to be trained at once, give us a call! We’ll make a “house call” training and motivation session for your team if you have 6 or more women ready to attend. Just give Teresa a buzz at tbianchi @ rochesterhabitat.org or 546-1470.

Little treat for our wonderous Women Build members

A little fundraising tip: Email signatures are a really easy way to remind people of your fundraising efforts. A small picture or button below your standard signature, with a link to your fundraising page, can be a great way to catch additional donations. And if you program them in as your default from now until August, you will only have to go through the process once.

To make your signature a little fun (and easy!) we’ve created three buttons that you can use (PC users, just right-click and choose “Save Image”) and link to your fundraising page.

But if you have the computer savvy and the craftiness, feel free to make your own! Use a picture of yourself building (if you joined us last year), or an iconic hammer. So long as you keep the image at 72 resolution, and small in size, it should work well. We recommend not making your image more than 200px wide for an email signature.

Below you’ll find some directions on how to attach an image and link to common email programs:

Yahoo (Yahoo does not allow images/links in signatures without hand-coding)
Outlook 2007 (and 2003)

Another useful tool is bitly.com. Bitly.com is a service that shortens URL’s for you so that when you copy and paste or verbally tell someone how to get to your fundraising page – it’s a short address. Bit.ly will let you customize what you name your URL so that I can make Karen Kall’s page: http://rochesterhabitat.donorpages.com/WomenBuild2012/KarenKall shorter to just: http://bit.ly/KarenKall. They’ll even make you a QR code you can use if you’d like.