Team time for 2012 Women Build

We can’t believe we’ve only been at this a couple of weeks so far! 2012 is kicking off to a great start and we’ve already signed-up 5 incredible teams of women. Our thanks to:

Insero Habitat Homemakers
On Kall Women for Habitat
Rem’Arc’able Women

These teams are ON THE BALL and signed-up ready to fundraise. (You can click the team names above if you’d like to make a donation to them as a reward for their quick engagement!) It’s a great list, and we can’t wait to add more teams to it. If you’re hoping to join these teams and need a little training on the online system, don’t forget that we have another training session

Tuesday, January 31st
Flower City Habitat – 755 Culver Road

This is our last training session we have scheduled, but we’re considering adding more. Give Teresa Bianchi ( :: 546-1470 ext. 305) a call or email and let her know when another training session might work best for you. If we receive enough requests, we’ll add more to the schedule.

Lastly, we’ll be reaching out to some additional Rochester women-owned companies with a letter from pool-member Myeisha and last year’s women build homeowner Venita. Our goal is to add motivated, energetic women teams to the fold. Let us know if you have someone you’d like to add to this mailing list and we’ll make sure we add them. Together we can make 2012 the most successful Women Build in Flower City Habitat history!


2012 Women Build Team Orientations

What a busy week! This week kicked-off our 2012 Women Build training sessions for new and returning teams. It was great meeting new women ready for the charge and really energizing hearing stories from returning women of the successes from last year. Every time we lead one of these sessions, we’re just re-inspired to keep making Women Build the best program it can be. Seriously, gals, you blow us away with your enthusiasm!

If you haven’t made a session, but you’d like to start a team – don’t worry we have some more on the calendar. Don’t forget to bring your laptop and you can follow along with us!

Wednesday, January 25th
Flower City Habitat – 755 Culver Road

Tuesday, January 31st
Flower City Habitat – 755 Culver Road

It’s good to RSVP so that we know how many ladies are coming. Just give Teresa Bianchi a call 546-1470 or

And if none of these times or dates work for you, just give Teresa a buzz and we’ll add another date to our calendar. And for those of you who have large teams, if you have over 10 ladies training all at once – we’ll come to YOU!

Getting ready for 2012 Women Build

Things at Flower City Habitat offices have been buzzing with excitement as we prepare for 2012 Women Build! We have some changes coming up this year that we hope will make the process easier for teams, encourage comradery, and increase the fun!

As we get our Women Build ducks in a row, feel free to email us ( to stay up to date on the latest news or to get a jump-start on starting a team! Don’t hesitate to check back here in the meantime for ongoing updates, orientation dates, and other Women Build madness.